Beam and Angle Processing


Process clips and angles up to 8” x 8” and flat bar up to 12” x 1”. Handles unlimited stock lengths. Single and multiple punch stations per leg and part marking capability.


Half the floor space and twice the versatility over pass through style drill lines.  Made specifically for the small to medium sized Fabricator processing 40-400 tons of steel per month.  Allows for processing of beams, angles, channels, tubes, base plates, pipe, flat bar and much more.

Beam Drill Line

CNC controlled High Speed drilling, tool changer, 4 sided marking, Smart Spindle technology and Milling capability of structural profiles up to 48” wide.


World’s most compact and affordable fully automated CNC Angle Line.  Capable of processing up to 6” x 6” x 5/8” angle.

Profile Coping

Automated coping of profiles. Multi-torch productivity and roller feed flexibility increases throughput.

Thermal Marking

Four sided marking system for structural profiles.  Utilizes Hypertherm’s Arc-Writer technology.  Provides superior speed in part identification and layout marking.